Dear Colleague

Welcome to this internet based course for DBS, with focus on visual anatomical targeting.

This website was created in order to facilitate the training of young colleagues in the field of Deep Brain Stimulation.

This internet course is not a substitute to senior colleagues, the scientific literature or on site courses, but a complement. It is providing the same information as when one is asking a question to a colleague, thus information based on clinical experience. front page

The aim of this website is to cover every detail of DBS that is of importance from a clinical perspective, including the most fundamental basics. The site is therefore suitable for young colleagues who are starting their training within the field of stereotactic functional neurosurgery and DBS. Hopefully, some of the lectures will also be of interest to more experienced colleagues, and to non-neurosurgeons with an interest in DBS. front page_2

The course is based on lectures and downloadable operation-plans. Currently 65 lectures are provided, but the total number will be about 110. In the current phase a number of highly skilled colleagues are invited to share their expertise, beginning in the autumn 2015. The number of operation-plans is still limited, but will reach a satisfying level during spring 2016. Please remember that this is a work in progress that will be continuously expanded and revised.

In the menu above you will find the following:

Lectures – this page contains all lectures, presented in a power-point format and accompanied by a downloadable learning logbook to register individual progress

Target practice – this page contains downloadable operation-plans

Videos – a video player to view some examples of conditions and effects of DBS

Forums – discussion forums

Links – useful links to further facilitate training (e.g., stereotactic bookshop; manufacturers’ manuals, links to stereotactic societies, courses, etc.).

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Patric Blomstedt